Julia Bowden


Growing up, I had the walls and ceiling in my bedroom painted a clear sky blue. In painterly terms it could be described as Williamsburg King's Blue. Every morning I woke up to a soft glowing blue light-the sun rose on my side of the house and came in through thin curtains that added to the softness of the overall color. My bedroom, and most specifically my bed, have been a sanctuary for me as I have grown up and continue to grow. Even though my apartment bedroom is not painted blue, the morning light and the connection to my bed as a safe are have continued. My fabric motifs stem and the repetition of a blue hue originate from this connection.
My Artist Statement as follows:
My work originally stemmed from forms and movements I found in fabric. I approached this concept in a monochromatic blue shade, concentrating more on the shallow value range that constructed these abstracted forms rather than creating a discussion of color relationships. By slowly deconstructing these paintings and limiting myself to what generates my initial interest in the form, I’ve moved away from the strict monochromatic stigma to describe the ephemerality and layering of fabric. The figurative and drawing elements that originally created the abstracted fabric forms in my earlier works have been toned down in order to create an overall fluid composition.


  • Painting
  • Mural Painting
  • Digital Photography
  • Art Teacher
  • Art History: Renaissance through Baroque


  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • MAC OS
  • Knowledge and ability to communicate in French
  • Italian
  • English